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What is it and why should you buy one?

For 40 years, Doro have been developing products which break down the barriers of technology, focusing on ease of use such as large text, clear instructions and loud and clear sound.

With the rapid rise in smartphone technology, Doro has turned its attention to making sure the digital technology and power of communication, is also available in easy to use handsets which have all of the Doro standards – easy to understand menus, large icons on the touch screen to easily identify functions, as well as a unique set of hard keys away from the screen to take you back to the home page, or into the menu at any time.

The 820 Mini does all of the basics brilliantly, making and receiving calls with loud and clear sound, large keyboard with which to send text messages and an easy to use camera to capture those special moments.

Working with Google, Doro has used the android operating system, which means you can have access to games, applications, news sites and much more with just a few touches.

Built into the phone are step by step guides to help you all the way. And the unique My Doro Manager tool means you can give access to a trusted friend or family member who can connect directly to your phone from anywhere and help you out if needed.

And as an added bonus, the 820 Mini comes with a uniquely designed charging cradle and when the phone is charging, it can also be used as a radio, an alarm clock, or even a digital photo frame!

The unique features of Anywhere SIM

Up until now, when you bought a mobile phone, you either took out a contract or a Pay as You Go deal with one network provider.

Anywhere SIM have broken that mould and work with EE, Vodafone and O2, offering, for the first time ever, the ability to roam across networks almost everywhere in the UK. This means that wherever you go with your phone you will always pick up the strongest signal from any of these three networks and make sure you are almost always in contact if needed.

What’s more, the flat rate costs of the Anywhere SIM pay as you go deal – 10p per minute for calls, 5p per text and 10p per megabyte of data used – are exactly the same whether you are in Manchester or Madrid, meaning you can never run up huge and unexpected bills while you are travelling in Europe, and leave your phone switched on.

Read our FAQ's for more information, and buy your Doro Liberto® 820 Mini today!

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