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Anywhere sim is the uk's first full roaming pay as you go mobile sim card. now you can use any available network, not just your own. just plug me into an unlocked device and voila! mobile without boundaries...

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The 820 Mini is a compact smartphone for beginners – of any age. There are built-in guides and tutorials on all major functions to help you get started. And when the phone is in its charging cradle, it can also be used as an alarm clock, a radio or even a digital photo frame.

The Anywhere Sim connection allows credit to stay on your phone for a full 12 months, incurs no additional costs if you use it in Europe, and you can even transfer over your existing phone number.

If you require any further information, please call 03454 133 953.

Doro Liberto® 820 mini
  • Included:
  • Doro Handset
  • Anywhere Sim
  • £40 airtime

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Our FAQ's

Why is the Doro Liberto® 820 Mini so easy to use?

There are other smartphones on the market, of course, but none of them have been specifically designed to harness the power of the technology but make it easy to understand and use in the way that Doro has.

The 820 Mini has the same underlying operating system as other smartphones – android – but Doro has developed an easier way to navigate round the phone using large clear icons, with large text options, enhanced loud and clear sound, and a touch screen which is more forgiving and less sensitive than some others.

I’ve never had a smartphone before, so how easy will it be to learn how to use the 820 Mini?

For the basic features of the phone such as making or answering calls, or reading and sending texts, the options are very clearly signposted and you will pick them up straight away.

The 820 Mini comes with step-by-step guides built into the phone for all of the other main functions. For instance, if you are not used to using your finger on the touch screen to "swipe" from page to page, or make choices, there is an easy tutorial in the phone which will walk you through it.

And for things like setting up email, the step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to follow.

What is so unique about the Anywhere SIM card which comes with the Doro Liberto® 820 Mini?

Until Anywhere SIM launched their new service, the SIM card in your phone could pick up only one signal. And, depending on who your SIM card payment deal was with, if there was a loss of signal in a particular area, your phone had no service.

Anywhere SIM works with Vodafone, EE and O2 so when you have an Anywhere SIM card in your phone, you will receive service from whichever one of these three major operators has the strongest signal in your area. This is called "roaming".

In practice, it means you will almost never be out of touch.

Won’t having a signal from EE, O2 and Vodafone cost me more?

No, the Anywhere SIM costs are the same wherever you are, and whichever signal you receive – 10 per minute to call, 5p to text, and 10p per megabyte of data you use. The system is Pay as you go, so you will never spend more than you have on your phone.

What about if I go abroad?

If you travel across the EU, your Anywhere SIM card will work exactly the same as at home, the costs will be exactly the same, and you will never incur a bill for more than the balance of credit you have on your phone.

This applies to most countries, but if you are travelling somewhere off the beaten track, then check with Anywhere SIM before you go.

Do I have to have a new number with a new Doro Liberto® 820 Mini?

No. If you have an existing phone number and you would like to keep it, then just let Anywhere SIM know when you receive your new phone and they will organise it so your existing number works in your new phone.

I already have some credit left on my existing phone, can I use that on my new phone?

Not unless it is an Anywhere SIM card you are using already. But you can carry on using your old phone to run down the credit and only activate your new phone when you are ready to start using it.

I have a monthly contract which I pay to another operator. What do I need to do?

You need to check how long you have left on your contract, and ask your provider when you can leave. Be aware there may be a cost to cancel this contract.

How often will I need to top up my Anywhere SIM?

It depends how much you use your phone of course, but the flat rate for calling is 10p per minute, the flat rate cost of a text is 5p and the flat rate cost for accessing data through the internet is 10p per megabyte. You can check your balance with Anywhere SIM at any time.

How much data will I use?

Again, it depends on how you use your phone, but as a guide, using email, sending pictures or downloading pictures uses relatively small amounts of data. Downloading movies or large amounts of music might use up a lot of data. But the Anywhere SIM rates are as cheap as anyone else on the market.

What happens if I use more data than I have paid for?

You can never spend more than the amount of credit that is on the phone, so you have the control over how much they spend.

Do I need to keep topping up to make sure the phone is still live?

Anywhere SIM allows credit to stay on the phone for a full year and you can use your phone as long as there is enough credit to make a call or send a text

How do I top up when my initial credit has run out?

All of that will be explained in the box when they you receive your phone, but basically you can do it online at Anywhere SIM’s website, or by calling Anywhere SIM you can top up by phone.

What happens if the phone goes wrong?

Doro has been named as the most reliable phone manufacturer on the market by Which? Magazine, and Which? Also named the Liberto® 820 Mini as a "Best Buy" so it is unlikely that anything will go wrong with the phone. However, there will be a helpline number in the box and should you have any difficulty with the phone you can call Doro directly for technical help. And for any problems with the SIM card, you can contact Anywhere direct for support.